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Europe Round 5 - Austria 5/6 July

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

We knew it! Loved by most of our drivers, this track is a keeper!

Proseries Top5 quali proved it as scores were high, from 89.39 for Sebastian Matuszewski => P5 to 91.17 => P1 for Rick van Goethem !

This layout is fantastic for solo runs but tricky for twin battles. Anyway drivers managed to catch up after first corner in the manji part. Then the hairpin zone was perfect to cut the gap for drivers trying to catch the door!

This week-end was windy and smoke of the leader but also follwer was acting like a blind wall because of the reversed wind blowing back smoke!

So let's take the qualy's top 3 , scramble it a bit and voilà the final rankings for this Pro1 series !


P1 => Krisztian Szilli P2 => Rick van Goethem P3 => Clemens Kauderer

Pro2 category !

The least we can say is that Austria was well represented ! Out of the 10 first drivers in qualy's , 8 were austrian !

That crazy number made the crowd even more cheerful , and helped our drivers to unleash their full skills !

We also want to point out that with 117,20 km/h , Mathieu Bareyt // Viking's machine - le drakkar de drift - set the highest ATK speed from all categories ! We're curious on what you'll be doing in Oschersleben 🔥!

The 20 yo frenchie Alexandre Strano after securing his first P1 in Modena applied the exact same technique and secured another win here in Melk ! Another step for the pro 2 title ! Alexandre is followed by the two Austrians Reinhard Höbarth and Gregor Kavalir who impressed everyone during this weekend !

Good job gentlemen and see you for the next one !


P1 => Alexandre Strano P2 => Reinhard Höbarth P3 => Gregor Kavalir

Last but not least the Queens series !

Denise Ritzmann Professional Drift Driver made her comeback after her foot injury during the French alps round .

Qualy's didn't made a huge difference between our contenders , from 84.91 for Karolina Pilarczyk Professional Drift Driver to 81,26 for the german driver Denise Ritzmann Professional Drift Driver .

During battles , we clearly saw that Karolina managed to keep her lines and pace , and that consistency managed to give her a serious advantage .

On the other side , Denise unfortunately made a mistake during her lead run and was close to make it directly to the pitlane , but instead hit the tires and run was over .


P1 => Karolina Pilarczyk Professional Drift Driver

P2 => Denise Ritzmann Professional Drift Driver

Here is the official video :

See you in Germany!