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Europe Round 3 - Italy 25/26 May

Updated: May 29, 2019

Here we are for the main events photo recap !

Unfortunately mother nature continued to deliver us some refreshing rain which didn't make things easy for the teams !

This track isn't the easiest one on dry tarmac , but it becomes even more challenging on a wet version! Drivers had to play the "meteo game" when it came to tire setup , as the track was going from dry to moist to completely soaked !

Our drivers kept pushing their limits , and it even helped some of them closing the gap with their leaders!

Huge shoutout to you Rick van Goethem for your epic door to door battles !

We all hope that the ones who damaged their rides will be ready for our next Touge stage => La Chapelle



P1 : Karola Pilarczyk P2 : Denise Ritzmann P3 : Ionita Elenuta


P1 : Alexandre Strano P2 : Mario Kuprian P3 : Davide Bannò


P1 : Christos Chantzaras P2 : Massimo Checchin P3 : Yves Meyer

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