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Let's rock 2021!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Dear drivers and fans, Last update about 2020 season, as you might have seen Hungary has closed again borders to foreigners. With my local partner, we have done everything we can to try to find a solution but there is no way unfortunately. After 15 seasons, 200+ events and almost zero event cancellation over these last 15 years, we definitely has been followed by bad luck and unexpected new restrictions at each event we planned to restart this season : Germany, Greece and now Hungary. 2020 will be a blank year but nevertheless, this unpredictable year has not impacted the positive mood of the Drift Kings crew and I hope you still have the mood and passion to drift also in 2021! We are ready to rock the 2021 season and the first agreement settled is with Tököl! We can already confirm you that we will open this 2021 Season on 10th/11th April 2021 in Hungary! Rest of the 2021 calendar will be published before end of the year! Stay safe, stay strong and stay tuned! #drift #drifting#driftcar#driftking #driftkings #rmtg#grumblo #competition #drivetribe#racecar Interested parties can learn more about us on the official website: Partnership information is available here:

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