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Drift Kings International Series partners up with Grumblo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday 4th March 2020 Public Information:

Drift Kings International Series partners up with Grumblo

We are proud to present a digital media partnership between Drift Kings International Series and Grumblo for 2020 season. This collaboration will bring high quality video material one step closer to each racer and team.

These videos will be available for everyone. They will be free to share and use by all the fans and drivers. Grumblo website will host all videos just a week after each event.

Michael Procureur, Drift Kings CEO, commented, “Our goal is to increase media access, boost visibility and improve our events. For 2020, we will push harder than ever and Grumblo will be a key partner to successfully achieve our targets.”

“It’s an honor for us to partner up with a legendary event organizer such as Drift Kings. Together we can bring even more value for the competitors and fans of Drift Kings International Series.” – Anssi Alatalo, Head of Motorsport, Grumblo.

“Grumblo is a global motorsport media and marketing company founded in 2016. We have filmed over 800 races in over 40 different countries in the last years and produced over 28 000 individual videos. In 2019 our videos reached over 110 million people across the globe. During 2020 we will be a bigger part of the strong field of motorsport across the globe.”

Check our more information about Grumblo on

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