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2023 Drift Kings Dates and Venues

Updated: Mar 29

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday 2nd December 2022 Public Information: Drift Kings International Series announces 2023 Dates and Venues New European schedule is on the way, with 7 venues spread across 6 countries! Tököl, the classic Hungarian drift arena, remains our season opener with Afterward, we're heading south to the Serres racing circuit in Greece for our first visit of the season. First great news to have France back at the ultrafast Anneau du Rhin track, we expect an amazing event there co-organized with MSO Drift Cup. As we reach half season, we'll return to a place we've missed so much, Mariapocs, the heart of Europe and home to one of the most exciting drift layout. Another new great track is on the agenda: Raceland Krsko, a compact drift arena located in beautiful Slovenia, where we will face a big challenge from the locals! Then as round 6 for the Pro Series, but as the final for the Pro2 Series and Queen Series, Serres is always immensely popular with both drivers and fans, for the second visit of the season, we will crown there the new Pro2 and Queen champions. The European ProSeries season will end on a high this year on the magic island of Cyprus, we will crown our ProSeries champion for the first time at Achna Speedway.

We established Drift Kings Asia in 2015 as our first series outside of Europe. For 2023, a first visit to Laos is planned in November, marking our seventh season in Asia. The Asia Series will consist of 6 rounds spread across 3 countries, including Thailand and Malaysia as well. What better way to end this press release than talking about Brasil, CADC club and Andre Silva bring us back to sunny South America, the continent full of passion for drifting, we can assure you that our drift summer will be running with samba music! With our 18 years of experience, we will continue to support PowerDrift Club Cyprus and the Cyprus National Series. We thank them for their trust and we are committed to providing them with the best experience possible! Michael Procureur, CEO of Drift Kings, said, "The Drift Kings team has been working hard on delivering an exciting 2023 calendar. Our goal is to make sure you can continue to enjoy a thrilling series throughout the entire year! For 18 years, we have proven ourselves as one of the most resilient series, we are extremely grateful for your continuous trust and support as we move forward.”. A professional drifting championship since 2005, Drift Kings is regarded as the oldest on the continent. For 2023, we anticipate more fans, more excitement, and more full driver rosters than ever. Until then, here is the official schedule for the tire-smoking action of this year: International Events EUROPE RD1 – APRIL 15/16 HUNGARY TOKOL EUROPE RD2 – MAY 20/21 GREECE SERRES EUROPE RD3 – JUNE 10/11 FRANCE ANNEAU DU RHIN EUROPE RD4 – JULY 15/16 HUNGARY MARIAPOCS EUROPE RD5 – SEPTEMBER 1/2 SLOVENIA KRSKO EUROPE RD6 / FINAL PRO2-QUEEN - OCTOBER 7/8 GREECE SERRES EUROPE PRO FINAL – OCTOBER 21/22 CYPRUS ACHNA ASIA RD1/RD2 – NOVEMBER 11/12 THAILAND ASIA RD3/RD4 – NOVEMBER 18/19 LAOS ASIA RD5/FINAL – DECEMBER 9/10 MALAYSIA SUD AMERICA SUPERCUP - AUGUST 5/6 BRASIL BRASILIA National Events CYPRUS RD1 – MARCH 18/19 CYPRUS RD2 – APRIL 29/30 CYPRUS RD3 – MAY 26/27 CYPRUS RD4 – JULY 8/9 CYPRUS FINAL – SEPTEMBER 9/10

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