2020 Season update - All events delayed

Updated: May 11


Monday 6th April 2020

Public Information: office@driftkings.com


Drift Kings International Series : 2020 season update

The crisis we are experiencing today is unprecedented and has caused an enormous impact around the world. The whole world almost stopped and from what we understood, this will take weeks or even months to get back to normal life. Following questions about 2020 season cancellation, no we don't cancel it, we just delay it! So a quick update for all of you, as the current situation is still hazardous and as we don't want to publish a second, third or fourth version of our calendar, we are waiting a bit more to release it. We are not in a hurry as we unfortunately all know that we can't drift next week! Be patient and within a month we will release our updated and hopefully final calendar for this complicated 2020 season! Let’s all keep positive, with the right action from everyone, this crisis came can be stabilized quickly and we can recover a normal life in the second half of the year. We are working hard to deliver you an updated calendar as soon as possible. Let’s get ready for a delayed but intense 2020 Drift season!

Please visit www.driftkings.com or its social media channels for further updates.


Drift Kings: The Revolution


World and Europe's fastest growing professional drift series, coordinating events across Europe and the World.  Drift Kings International Series started 16 years ago and for 2020 is operating international drift series in which the world’s top drivers and teams compete for the championship titles across Grand Prix stops.

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