Spain Round 2 - Event Details

Updated: 3 days ago

Registration is now opened on for our 2021 Round 2 in Navarra, Spain. Finally it will be an event with spectators but with usual Covid restrictions (social distancing, mandatory masks, rapid tests mandatory at entrance, etc..)

Please find below requirements to enter Spain and other mandatory actions required to obey the local laws. Current layout and week-end timing :

IMPORTANT!!! Covid-related Informations [MANDATORY] : Everyone attending the event as Team (1 driver + 3 team members) or Media, MUST also register here on the Covid tracing app : Transit across Europe : You can generally transit through neighboring countries without specific documentation or PCR test. Imporant is to follow the rules of your final destination (Spain). Be sure to check latest information about border restrictions in Europe on this website :

Entering Spain : To enter Spain, every person must have a negative test (PCR or antigen), or digital EU certificate. Test must be done less than 48 hours and every person must register on this website at least 2 days BEFORE entering Spain, take a close look at this site as it show the latest requirements for Spain : This website will generate a QR code that you will have to show at your arrival in Spain. Leaving Spain : There is no specific requirements to leave Spain but you have to know if you need a PCR test at your destination (returning to your home country). PCR/Rapid Antigen Testing : We recommend you to have a negative test when you start your trip, but it is possible to start without as it won't be mandatory for transiting countries. Each team is limited to 1 driver plus 3 team members.

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