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2021 Events - Updated Calendar

Drift Kings International Series updates the 2021 season calendar.

2021 is still a stormy year for drifting like it was in 2020, but we will always react and adapt as fast as we can to deliver you a full and exciting drifting season! Due to the dramatic flooding in Germany, the event scheduled on 7th/8th August at Nürburgring is now delayed and on hold, we are expecting to receive soon a workable date to be able to re-integrate the event in our 2021 event calendar. Unfortunately Oschersleben is also canceled again. This time not related to flooding but due to Covid restrictions of the local region. Double bad luck with our German events! With Covid infections rising quickly in Germany to a possible "fourth wave", we have very low hopes to find a short-term date for this upcoming co-operation with Nürburgring Drift Cup this season. Nevertheless we planned it for 2020, then for 2021 and we will plan it again in 2022 in the worst case scenario! Last but not least, for all the drivers who booked days off to attend the original Nurburgring event, please go there on that week-end and help the locals, they really need it!

Following these unexpected changes for our 2 German events, we have tried to update our calendar as best as we can and we are happy to announce the return of well known Rabocsiring in Mariapocs/Hungary during the Trackwood festival. We have not been there since 2013 and it will be a happy return definitely! For the end of this season, we stay on original plan with double rounds in Greece, first togue in Nigrita then Serres double points final. We have also already started to work on 2022 plan with a nice surprise coming from Spain with our partner Volrace as well as exciting new partnerships in other new countries! Stay tuned, we will publish our 2022 calendar mid December! Meanwhile please find here the updated calendar, don't forget we might update it again soon with a Nurburgring new date! Registration for Hungary round 3 is now opened on Details about Hungary round 3 can be found here : Join us on Telegram :

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