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2021 Events

Drift Kings International Series announces the 2021 season calendar.

Drift Kings International Series has now announced the 2021 venues and dates for its international championships, with drivers attending from fifty-four countries across the globe since 2005. A challenging 2021 season is ahead for Drift Kings Europe with an exciting new calendar, comprised of four new venues compared to last season! Firstly, we are delighted to make our come-back to Spain for the 2021 season with an amazing night race co-organized by Volrace. From there, the next stop will be a trip to none other than the legendary Nürburgring, in partnership with Skylimits events. On the mountain side, we will feature a fresh Touge round, with the magic Greek mountain! We’re also thrilled to announce that the Hungarian Tökol Arena returns for some crazy battles alongside the ultra-fast Oschersleben Motorsport Arena in Germany. Last but not least, once again, it’s the sunny Serres Racing Circuit that also makes a come-back, which is always immensely popular with both the fans and drivers. The Greek racetrack will remain on the 2021 calendar, but this time with two different layouts to be enjoyed in May and October! To end the season on a high, we will feature an insane Superfinal race on the magic Island of Cyprus. The best 8 Cypriot drivers will challenge the best 8 European drivers for an unforgettable Top16, leaving the winner bringing home an exciting amount of cash money along with the SuperFinal trophy! Drift Kings Asia was our first series created outside of Europe and established in 2015. For 2021, we return to Asia for the fifth season with the extreme pleasure of returning to Malaysia. A significant rule change shall apply for the 2021 season. Drift Kings Europe Pro2 and Queen will become a full series featuring same rounds like ProSeries, with their Finals held at Serres Racing Circuit, Greece. We will also continue to support PowerDrift Club Cyprus and the Cyprus National Series. Since 2005, Drift Kings is recognized as the oldest professional drifting championship on the continent. In 2021 we expect to see more fans, more excitement, and more full driver line-ups than ever before! Michael Procureur, Drift Kings CEO, commented, “Together with the Drift Kings team, we’ve been working hard to make sure you can continue to enjoy our events. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to update our calendar three times this year. Unfortunately, we could not achieve it due to various national health restrictions. We’re proud to be launching our 2021 events calendar; since 2005, we’ve proven to be the most resilient series, and this wouldn’t have been possible without our people, without you, without our drivers and fans. We are dreamers, and we believe in the world of opportunities, even during the darkest of times. Looking ahead, the entire Drift Kings team and I would like to express our immense gratitude for your continuous support and trust. This gives us the motivation to work tirelessly to ensure we continue offering excellent events, even during these difficult times. We look forward to overcoming this pandemic together and bringing more exciting events to you and your loved ones.”. Until then, here is the official calendar for this year’s tyre-smoking action: International Events EUROPE RD1 – APRIL 10/11 HUNGARY TOKOL EUROPE RD2 – MAY 29/30 GREECE SERRES EUROPE RD3 – JULY 2/3 SPAIN NAVARRA EUROPE RD4 – AUGUST 7/8 GERMANY NURBURGRING EUROPE RD5 – SEPTEMBER 17/18 GERMANY OSCHERSLEBEN EUROPE RD6 – OCTOBER 2/3 GREECE NIGRITA EUROPE FINAL – OCTOBER 9/10 GREECE SERRES SUPERFINAL CYPRUS vs EUROPE – OCTOBER 16/17 ASIA SUPERCUP – NOVEMBER 13/14 MALAYSIA National Events CYPRUS RD1 – APRIL 17/18 CYPRUS RD2 – JUNE 5/6 CYPRUS RD3 – JULY 10/11 CYPRUS RD4 – SEPTEMBER 4/5 CYPRUS FINAL – OCTOBER 16/17 Interested parties can learn more about us on the official website: Partnership information is available here:

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